Optimized Turnkey Solar Solutions

The most powerful solar energy systems go beyond the solar cell and solar panel. Umbono delivers complete commercial solar power systems, designed to optimize overall solar energy output. At every step of a solar project – from site assessment, to design and installation, to operation and maintenance – our goal is to provide

systems that deliver the most energy possible. Our experience designing and installing commercial solar projects ensures the highest levels of quality and satisfaction from our customers.

We support commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural users.

Expert solar system designers

  • A no-hassle solution.
  • Cheaper than your current electricity supply.
  • We assess your electricity demand.
  • We assess your site.
  • We ensure that you get the most suitable system-size.
  • Savings ensured from day one.
  • Great maintenance plan.
  • Maintenance is for our account.
  • Insurance is for our account.
  • Guaranteed overall performance of the system.
  • Guaranteed throughout the rental period.
  • No upfront investment needed from you.
  • No capital outlay to bene t from cleaner, cheaper energy.
  • No return on investment period.
  • Instant savings from day 1.

Guaranteed annual savings.

  • Use the opportunity to invest back into your business.
  • You could expand your operations by acquiring an additional factory space.
  • Improve your nancial position.
  • Increase your pro tability.Over time you will save millions on cost of operations

This will give you competitive edge

  • Guaranteed system performance.
  • We guarantee that the system will provide an agreed amount of electricity.
  • Your savings from electricity are guaranteed.
  • Enhance your business reputation.
  • Your business will have a positive environmental impact.
  • You can promote that you are using green, clean and renewable power.
  • Your products and services will be more valuable to your customers.