A wholly black owned engineering consulting company focusing on

Power systems.
Planning studies.
Design and construction supervision.
Equipment installation.
Maintenance of power infrastructure.

Also offers technical overhead line and substation audits and refurbishment scope generation for the electrical infrastructure.

We target power producers, distributors and bulk end users, such as mines and municipalities.

We look at asset condition and develop strategies on asset management for the clients in order to ensure sustainability and reliability of electrical installations for continuity of electrical supplies.

Our primary focus on the manufacturing is:

Steel poles – For the Power industry,
-For the Telecommunications industry,

Our steel fabrication and specialised engineering partners focus mainly on rail, mining and power generation Industries.

Typical supplies are:

  • Diesel/ Gas Generators
  • Train Components
  • Ship Components
  • Structures for Mounting Solar PV panels.

Opportunity to supply Steel Poles to Eskom, Other African utilities and the Telecommunications market

Opportunity to supply products to local
PRASA, Transnet and other international Rail operators

Opportunity to supply the emergency power supply solutions to Water utilities, mines and other bulk power users

  • Diesel generators.
  • UPS systems.
  • Fuel cell systems Solar PV’s.