Umbono Energy’s vision is to become the preferred supplier of Petroleum products to both the corporate and public sector bulk petroleum users in South Africa As a wholly black owned Wholesale Petroleum License Holder, our vision is to maintain high service standards and customer satisfaction in the Wholesale of Petroleum products.

OUR Mission

To deliver superior petroleum products timeously within budget
Treat our employees safely , with dignity and fairly
Deliver great value to our shareholders with pride


Department of Energy Issued Wholesale Petroleum License

Agreements with various approved and accredited Petroleum product Manufacturers

Agreements with reputable Petroleum product Transporters

OUR values

• Honest Business
• Agility
• Unsurpassed Quality
• Continuous Value Add
• Empower African Youths

why us

Innovative Solutions centered around client needs.
100% Black Owned Petroleum Bulk Distribution Company.
New in the Market but backed by Giants in the Industry.
Unsurpassed reliability.
Competitive Pricing.


Any Bulk user of Petroleum products is our future client.
We can supply you with the following products:

•Diesel (All Grades)
•Petrol (All Grades)
•Liquefied Petroleum Gas
•Lubricants (All grades)

Target Market

Transport Mining  Construction

Marine  Agriculture  Power Producers

Telecommunications Companies

Municipalities Military Water Boards